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Magi Trials Download 12 Mb

Updated: 4 days ago

Magi Trials Download 12 Mb -> http://shoxet.com/1awtza

About This Game Arriving at a new school can be daunting, even more so when it's a school of magic...Fortunately you have found something that might increase your chances of successful entrance, a ritual that should greatly enhance your innate magical ability.Now you must deal with the repercussions of the spell, as you begin your training to join the ranks of the Royal Academy of Magi. Fun Tongue in Cheek Storyline. Magi, Magic and Demons. Multiple Routes and Choices that affect the ending. High Quality characters, backgrounds and CG Scenes. 1080p window and full screen options. CG Scene Gallery of 100 images to unlock. Multiple save slots and full VN functions. Eight Alternate Endings to explore. Steam Trading Cards & 10 AchievementsDeluxe EditionAlso don't forget to checkout the deluxe edition. Which includes all of the bonus DLC content at a discounted rate. The deluxe edition offers the following bonus items: Magi Trials Game Magi Trials Original Wallpapers Magi Trials Avatar Pack Magi Trials Original Soundtrack Magi Trials DakimakurasAll items are included in the deluxe edition of the game. 6d5b4406ea Title: Magi TrialsGenre: Adventure, Casual, IndieDeveloper:Chronofire ArtsPublisher:Dharker StudioRelease Date: 17 Nov, 2016 Magi Trials Download 12 Mb All I can say is wow. I won't spoil anything, but the antagonist is a complete a*s hole,and after i got two of the bad endings it made me furious, but all the more rewarding when I got the good endings. I think it's good that a game can make you have those feelings. It shows that it has good storytelling and it can suck you in.. Having taken a chance on "HighSchool Romance" i thought I'd give this game a shot too, since i really dig the artstyle for these games. I was not dissapointed.the Pros of the game:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The story and choices have been fleshed out significantly compared to last game not to mention at some points the story got more serious than just highschool "slice of life" and that's not a bad thing. The characters dont seem too stiff or out of place, the art has been expanded and the backgrounds dont look bad either. this isn't waifus galore like Highschool Romance, but its own thing, and there's nothing wrong with creativity, also glad to see males exist in this universe (lol) the story is longer than HSR's was and thats good. it made me chuckle and i enjoyed the game. the Protagonist is well done, the story is believable (in context) and overall i am pleased with having a new game from these guys.onto the Cons of the game:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[Spoiler Alert][Spoiler Alert][Spoiler Alert]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. the lack of time away from the plot ( like the vacation with Hoshi in HSR, also mad that i couldnt spend summer break with Selina!) it would have been nice to spend time outside the school more than just a one off outing.2. the Lack of Eri content3. more endings for Shira4. almost thought there might have been a Warren end, the game seemed like it might have it, and didn't9/10 would delve into the dark arts again. Pretty great overall. The initial ending I got was pretty shocking. The other endings were tricky to unlock but in the end it was satisfying enough.. https://youtu.be/W77Hsyb0mWkIn an attempt to cheat before the crucial 'Magi Trials' our protagonist loses control of powers behind their comprehension failing to cheat and pass their entrance trial.This turns them into a girl.This visual novel is a lighthearted story about a youth following their dream despite any and all consequences and the friendships (or more) they develop along the way.Minor issues will spelling, grammar, and word usage do detract from the overall experience but the characters are generally likable and weird enough to make up from much of the classic visual novel silliness.. This game was cute and enjoyable! While there is a lot more murder than there is romance, it still maniges to be very cute in a lot of places. Plus sometimes murder /is/ romantic.. I get it may not be everyones cup of tea, but I personally enjoyed the endings, though not all ideal, it was a good set up to sequels. Loved the story, the protagonist, and our purple haired love-interest.. That was an extremely fun read. It's deeper than expected and depending on the choices you make you will go through a roller coaster of emotions. Definitely worth a recommendation. I liked this game. Story was interesting, albeit dark. Art is great with plenty of CG. As others have said, it is a bit short. I hope they can add another entry into this series, hopefully the same world as it could use more fleshing out.Also seems I'm a bit too trusting. I trusted you, Shira!. The title used to be Highschool Romance: Magi Trials. As you can see they tactfully changed it since everyone figured that was a little misleading. Romance isn't actually a core feature of the storyline. Even the struggle of attempting to deal with the main character's bent gender isn't as central to the story as in the original Highschool Romance.Despite this I find myself liking Magi Trials a lot. They dropped two key aspects of the budding series, but I think they replaced them with better fundamentals. The art is a lot better overall, backgrounds, character sprites and CG's. There are more characters involved in the plot who have more varied interactions with one another. Two characters have a little more backstory to reveal that makes them more rounded (damning with faint praise here, but that's still better than HR which had no characters with any substantial backstory). The main character has a well defined goal, a clear path to reach it, and the events of the VN are dealing with the first stumbling blocks along that path, so I say the plot is a whole lot more thought out. And there are bad endings! So many of these cheaper VN's only have different but more or less equal endings. In Magi Trials you can actually fail which makes succeeding feel so much more worthwhile.Obviously there are also things I dislike about the game and I'd be remiss not to mention them. The editing seems pretty spotty in places, especially toward the beginning bizarrely enough. And while I think it's nice to have bad endings to contrast with the good ones, here it seems like there are mostly bad ends with only a single good end. Maybe two depending on your point of view. A little more leeway would be nice. And, obviously, the game is very short. Probably too short to justify buying at full price.But I think this is a good direction for Dharker Studio to go in. I'd like to see more Visual Novels like Magi Trials. Just longer and with more width for choices. Even a direct sequel to Magi Trials would be good, since there wasn't much world building but the writers still managed to make life as a mage sound interesting and full of other perils to explore.Basically I'm recommending this game to hopefully encourage Dharker Studio that, between Highschool Romance and Magi Trials, they've made good progress in creating more solid Visual Novels and that I for one want to see that progress continue. Hopefully one day we'll get a full on, CLANNAD-sized 50+ hour VN from this studio. And I wouldn't think they could do it if I hadn't played this game to see that they really can do something more plot intensive instead of just ecchi filler (not that I mind ecchi filler).. Interesting story, choices matter, cute. It was good. Version 1.4: A small patch was applied to the game today. - Gallery Error resolved - (removes an image reference) - Game framework updated - (updates renpy base to latest version) - Minor adjustments to game code (removing unnecessary code sections). Easier Update 1.3: Today we posted a new update for the game for version 1.3.After receiving a variety of feedback and requests, we have adjusted the games difficulty settings, to make it easier to unlock some of the more difficult endings, removing some of the choice requirements and allowing for more freedom to make mistakes, we hope this will make it easier for our players to enjoy the game to it's fullest extent and unlock the extra endings.In addition this update also features an upgrade to the games framework, that should resolve some issues people are having with achievements and with the latest version of OSX Sierra.Finally we have also fixed a few lingering text errors within the game.-p.s. A new forum named 'bugs' has been added to the discussion hub, if you find other bugs or errors please post them there and we will look into them.. Love Stories All Ages Released: The new version of Negligee: Love Stories, releases today, it has been specially created so that there will be no region restrictions so that anyone can purchase and play the game on Steam.https://store.steampowered.com/app/1002100/Check it out now as it releases in less than an hours time.. Battle Girls Game Release: Dharker Studio and Brightly Studios latest game is now live on Steam.http://store.steampowered.com/app/404170Checkout the game now and be the latest guy to pilot Mechs alongside a group of female co-pilots, and maybe have a romance along the way.. Sequel Underway: We are happy to announce that resources are now starting to go towards developing the sequel to Magi Trials, which will continue the story and see a conclusion to our protagonists tale as she moves into the main school and must take part in a magical tournament.The sequel will be released under the name Magi Wars and will utilise the same artists from the first. Both character design and backgrounds to expand on this original title.The sequel will likely include Magical Battles with Clothing Destruction Romance Possibilities with several Characters Multiple Good and Bad Endings Various optional Side Stories (E.g. Succubus) More Choices affecting the ongoing StoryA release schedule for this game is not yet available.. Deluxe Edition: We are happy to announce that Highschool Romance: Magi Trials will be released with an optional Deluxe Edition, which will include all DLC content in a reduced priced package.The four DLC packs when purchased as part of the Deluxe edition will grants players an even larger discount giving an even greater saving both normally but especially during the initial release when there is a further release discount on top.The DLC Included: Magi Trials Original Soundtrack Magi Trials Wallpapers Pack Magi Trials Avatars Collection Magi Trials Dakimakura setN.b.The Soundtrack, Wallpapers and Avatars will be available on release, the Dakimakuras will be released within the next few days. All content packs will be automatically granted to anyone who purchases the Deluxe Edition, along with any future DLC that may be created later.. Patreon Campaign: We are happy to announce that Dharker Studios is now on Patreon, delivering patrons daily artwork, weekly polls and monthly competitions for awesome physical rewards.https://www.patreon.com/DharkerStudioPlus patrons also receive copies of the various games we produce and release, and with many games in development there are lots of great rewards to enjoy.Checkout the campaign for more details and potentially have your say in how we develop future games and the content that is included within them.. Echo Tokyo: Phoenix Out Now: We are happy to announce the release of our Cyberpunk game Echo Tokyo: Phoenix,out now on Steam.https://store.steampowered.com/app/432110/Echo_Tokyo_Phoenix/

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